A New Electoral System

If you were given enough power, how would you stop the business cycle? First, what is the the business cycle? In the modern electoral system, politicians exercise inflation until they get scared of the rising prices. Then they stop inflating because they don’t want the unemployment; less people working, less money to the government, less money for things the politicians say they will do, which leads to people not voting on them. This, is the ever-so complicated business cycle.

Why not just make a whole new electoral system? For example; maybe a restricted amount of people would line up on ‘application day’ and put a piece of paper in a big box or give it to someone. On the piece of paper would be their name, their age (there would be age curtailments), and a place to answer ‘What would you do?’. After they were all collected, 2 groups would judge them; the government, and the citizens – through newspapers, phones, etc… Votes would be placed, and on ‘releasement day’ those people and whomever else would gather in front of a pedestal in the City Hall or at a public place, where the elevated speaker would shout out who got the most votes.

Now that’s all great, but what if the elected didn’t do well, or pulled some shenanigans? They would get fired, but would have one more shot at getting elected; meanwhile, a new application day would be posted, with a releasement day following it. If they did do well, however, that probably means that they built something amazing or they proved to be a magnanimous philanthropist. The question there is, where would the money come from?

In the bank, or online somewhere, there might be a ‘P.S.’ – short for ‘Politician Safe’ – where money could be spent and saved by politicians only . How would the safe retain a suitable amount of money? By people putting money in it; the government could have a yearly deposit; there could be P.S. funding; and of course, donations. People in the community could donate to the P.S., and they would know that they are supporting an activity that might improve the community, because they read what the elected would do if he/she was voted on. In this case, politicians wouldn’t rely on an unknown amount of money to support their campaigns or promises to the people, they would know at the beginning how much money there would be to spend.