Once, there were 3 nerds, who were doing their best to hack into Microsoft. The goal? Get new electronics (they weren’t exactly sure how, but it was a ‘plan as you go along’ situation.)! However, thanks to their great technology, Microsoft caught them (it wouldn’t be a very good story if there was no conflict, would it?). The only thing left to do was for the nerds (who were named Clive, Alec, and Dave) to desperately plead. Because it’s so awesome, Microsoft gave mercy on the 3 boys, who were all willing to help Microsoft in the future.
Not much later (because this happens to be very popular), Microsoft was being cyberbullied by much more capable people than the 3 nerds. “Hack, hack hack!” went the cybercriminals. Terrible things started to happen to the company, so they had no other choice (because this story needs drama)!! Microsoft would surely perish! They called upon the nerds, who were happily coming to the rescue.
Clive, Alec, and Dave hurriedly logged in (“Come on Dave, this is no time for checking your email!” said Clive). Swiftly and silently, they disarmed the cybercriminals! “Ack, ack ack!” went the cybercriminals, who were very disappointed because they wanted new electronics too, even if they didn’t know how to do it. Microsoft gladly gave the nerds rewards, which, ironically, turned out to be new electronics. Sometimes large problems need little helpers to fix the damage and save the day.