Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Kyle Keeley never expected to be famous and fortunate one day, but he was lucky. Mr. Lemoncello as Kyle knows him is a very successful game designer, and that’s how Kyle got grounded for a week; playing one of his games. However, at school, his best friend, Akimi, reminds him of an essay contest that allows 12 kids to have a lock-in at the new library (which, coincidentally, is owned by Mr. Lemoncello). He is thrilled, until he realizes that the deadline is that very day, but he tries anyway.
Feeling that he could have done better on his “so-called” essay (which consisted of “Balloons. There might be balloons.”), he arrived at his house after school and decided to write another one (even though he had already turned it in). A while later, he decides to send it directly to Mr. Lemoncello. Sadly, an immediate response cropped up saying that he sent it to a no-reply email and it could not be transferred. He was now doomed to his grounded week.
The next day at the school when they announced who the lucky 12 kids were, Kyle was happy for his two close friends, Akimi and a boy named Miguel, who were the first two to be accepted. He was astounded and overjoyed at the end when his name was called as the 12th contestant. It turned out that Mr. Lemoncello had indeed sent the phony ‘no-reply’ email, and had thought that Kyle was a desirable addition to the other kids chosen. And, since it was an essay contest, his parents allowed him to ‘skip’ his grounding.
At the end of the week, there was a party for the 12 kids. It was full of free food, drinks, and photographers. After about an hour at the party, the kids were escorted across the street to the new library with its bank vault door (it had once been a bank). Inside, they are told where everything is and reminded of the #1 rule: be gentle; not just with each other, but with the books and exhibits. They then start to play games, eat food, and do other activities; they go to bed around 3 a.m.
In the morning, Kyle realizes that the lock-in might be over, but they were still locked in the library! They have to find their way out using skills, creativeness, and ingenuity. Mr. Lemoncello himself helps the kids with hidden clues. As they keep figuring out clues and playing games, most of the kids get kicked out and it splits into two teams, each vying for the prize. Near the end, another kid gets kicked out, and then 1 of the 2 kids that was left on the antagonist team switches to the protagonist team, which leaves one team of 5, and a solo team (the antagonist, Charles). Charles ends up getting kicked out because he was not gentle (which was one of the rules!) and because he was tricky and lied so he could win. The ‘good’ team ends up winning at the last minute, and they all have fame and fortune.