My Dear Sun

The Sun is a humongous fiery sphere of gas that is within the galaxy. It gives people life and light. All of the planets in the Solar System are pulled towards it, thanks to gravity. They also orbit the Sun, which is explained by Newton’s Law of Universal Gravity (in Layman’s terms: Between any two objects in the universe, there is gravity. The bigger the object is, the more gravity is has). Because of its heat, power, and massive size, human life is able to exist on planet Earth.

The searing hot ball of fire is made up of mostly hydrogen and helium, but also has nitrogen, oxygen, and several other gasses. It takes a massive amount of heat to warm up the Earth. The Sun’s temperature sustains around ten thousand degrees Fahrenheit! Thank goodness the Earth is ninety-three million miles away from it; a human being can’t get much closer before burning up.

Everyday, people see light, shadows, and the bright Sun. Most don’t realize or rarely think about the fact that the Sun grants us life. Without it, mankind would not exist. In addition, the Sun also provides life for plants. The light and plants harmonize to create photosynthesis, in which  a plant reproduces, grows, and transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen. The Sun not only gives us light and life, it gives us edibles and scenery. Too bad thank-you notes would burn.

The power of the Sun is unfathomable. Its emanating warmth could give everyone heat stroke if the Earth was any closer. A normal light bulb has about sixty watts of power. The Sun has around sixty sextillion times that much. In other words, three hundred billion billion megawatts! Newton’s Law of Universal Gravity states that ‘any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to their masses and inversely proportional to the square if the distance between them.’ Because of the Sun’s gigantic mass and close quarters to the other planets in the Solar System, they all orbit around the Sun. What an incredible amount of power!

For billions of years, planet Earth has been granted life, light, and energy, which is all thanks to the hot gas ball ninety-three million miles away. Because of it, Sally can climb a tree, Billy can eat ice cream, and cats can play with string. It provides life to humans and supplies plants with photosynthesis. If the Sun went out, within a week, the temperature would dip below zero degrees Fahrenheit. At the end of a year, it would drop to around negative one hundred degrees! Planet Earth is so magnanimously graced by its fiery neighbor.