Questions? Comets? Concerns?


Rose the Reporter (R.R)

Galileo Galilei (G.G.)

Fred the Farmer (F.F)

Bonnie the Baker (B.B)

Charles the Chicken (Ch.Ch)

Carl the Cow (C.C)


R.R.- “Hello everyone! Reporter Rose here with big news concerning a comet that is literally sweeping the nation! To fill us in on the scientific details, none other than Galileo Galilei! Tell us a bit about yourself!”

G.G.- “Well, I was born-”

R.R.- “ Alright! Very interesting! Let’s get on with the report. How about interviewing some of the spectators?”

* R.R. walks over to F.F. *

R.R.- “Hello there, Fred! Could you tell me a bit about this rare comet sighting – uh, sir? What’s the matter?”

G.G.- “I’ll tell you! It’s all because-”

R.R.- “No, no, I think we’ve got it, Galileo. Fred? Could your wife maybe fill me in?”

* R.R. walks over to B.B. *

R.R.- “Hello, Bonnie! How’s it going – honestly! Why are you cowering like that?”

G.G.- “Miss Rose, I really think I should tell you something about-”

R.R.- “Look, Grandpa, I’m just trying to get some first-hand info from the citizens who are witnessing this great event! We brought some prune juice, it’s over there. Knock yourself out.”

* G.G. grunts exasperatedly *

R.R.- “Alright, well if people aren’t going to give me answers, maybe the animals will comply and give some context. Hey there, Charles! Everything doing alright back at the pen – what is your deal?”

* Ch.Ch. hides under bush *

R.R.- “How about Carl? Carl? Does anyone speak cow – what the heck? Everyone is hiding!”

* G.G. makes desperate move toward the microphone and grabs it *

R.R.- “Ahh!”

G.G.- “Finally! Now I can tell you about the important points that need to be addressed. The people are-”

R.R.- “Hey! Why has he got the mic? This is my report and I-”

G.G.- “Be quiet! I’m about to give the most important minutes of this pathetic report to everyone!”

* R.R. sighs *

G.G.- “Now, as I was saying, the people here are no doubt frightened by the comet and it is because they have never even seen one. They don’t know if it’s an invasion from somewhere, a devastation that will strike the world, or even if it is a wonderful burden the heavens have gifted us with the presence of it. They are unaware completely that it is a beautiful ball of light shooting across the galaxy that is much too far away to affect us. They do not believe in the slightest that there are any universal laws; at least, none that they can understand. They say comets are bad omens and must be avoided like the devil. ‘I do not believe that the same God who gave us our senses, our speech, our intellect, would have is put aside to the use of these, in order to teach is instead such things that, with their help, we could figure out for ourselves.’”

* Silent moment *

R.R.- “Uh, did you just quote yourself?”

G.G.- “Indeed.”

R.R.- “Well, thank you so much for enlightening us, Galileo. We all appreciate your time here with us.”

G.G.- “My pleasure! I am so happy to inform these people about the wonders of science.”

R.R.- “Alright! See you later, folks! Have a good night, and keep an eye out for comets!”