Remus Lupin

Once there was a young boy who lived happily with his parents. He hoped to one day become a good wizard just like them. Unfortunately his life was changed forever the day he got bitten by a werewolf.  Remus Lupin became an outcast.  His existence as a human was now marred by the painful monthly changes that brought back memories from that one unforgettable day. The one glimmer of light in his life was his friends at Hogwarts who made his transformations better than ever.


Finally, the day for him to go to Hogwarts arrived. But not many people wanted a werewolf to go to school with their children. However, Lupin saw hope. His hope was fulfilled by Dumbledore, Headmaster at Hogwarts. Dumbledore put up a safety measure for Lupin’s and other’s protection, so it was safe for him to attend Hogwarts.

The protection was a little dwelling on a hill, not far from the village Hogsmeade. Lupin was to enter this hut through a tunnel, that began on the Hogwarts grounds, and transform there. The entrance of the pathway was a tree that had huge branches that it would whip people who dared approach. The tree was called ‘The Whomping Willow’. There was a certain knot on the tree however, that would immobilize it so people could enter. Lupin was separated on full moon nights because he had to bite, so he bit and scratched at himself. People heard the noise and Dumbledore encouraged their thoughts that violent spirits lived there. They soon dubbed the place ‘The Shrieking Shack’.

For the first time Lupin had friends, who were always with him, so they quickly noticed that Lupin was gone once a month. No matter how many excuses he gave them, they found out on their own. To make Lupins life as an animal more bearable his best friends James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew became animagi (being able to turn into a certain animal at will) in their 5th year at school. Because they traveled all around the castle, they made a map of Hogwarts that showed who was in it, what they were doing, and secret passages to enter. They signed the ‘Marauders Map’ with their nicknames, Mooney (Lupin), Wormtail (Pettigrew), Padfoot (Sirius), and Prongs (James).

Severus Snape was in the same year as the Marauders, and soon found out that Lupin was a werewolf. Sirius was sick of Snape trailing the foursome around school, trying to see what they were up to every month. To stop all that, he told him to go into the Whomping Willow and see what was at the end of the passage. If James hadn’t heard and pulled Snape back at the last moment, Snape would have met Lupin in his transformed state. However, he glimpsed Lupin and was forbidden by Dumbledore to tell anyone. But the knowledge costed him his friendship with childhood buddy, Lily Evans. She, in her adult years, became good enough friends with Lupin to know his secret.

As he grew older, Lupin participated in ‘The Order of the Phoenix’, along with Sirius, James, Lily (who had gotten married after dating in their 7th year) and Peter. Voldemort was getting stronger, and started hunting people down. He sought James and Lily, and because they put their faith in the wrong person, they were overthrown by Voldemort. However, Harry survived, and met Lupin on the Hogwarts Express when he was 13. Lupin taught Harry the charm to repel Dementors and it helped him for the rest of his life.

Lupin was deeply grieved because 2 of his friends had just died and Pettigrew had a supposed death as well. Sirius Black was in Azkaban (the wizard prison) and seemed likely to die there. 12 years later, Black escaped and Lupin went took the post of Defense against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Throughout the year, Lupin became friends with Harry (James’ son) and showed him, Ron and Hermione his biggest secret. That same night, Lupin figured out that it was not Sirius who betrayed the Potters, but Peter Pettigrew. Lupin made up with Sirius, but Peter got away and went to rejoice with his master.

The second Wizarding-War was starting and Lupin did his best to help the Order of the Phoenix. As he did it, he caught the eye of Nymphadora Tonks who was another member of the Order and a rare type of witch. She was what people called a metamorphmagus (someone who can change their appearance at will). Before the Battle of Hogwarts, she and Lupin were married and sired a boy named Edward Remus Lupin after Tonks’ father who died by a follower of Voldemort. Sadly, neither of them lived to see him grow up, because they were both killed in the Battle of Hogwarts.

On the bright side, when Lupin had told Harry of the news before the battle, Harry accepted Lupin’s request of him being Edwards godfather. When they left school, Harry and Ginny Weasley were married, and they took Edward under their surveillance whenever Tonks’ mother, Andromeda didn’t have time to watch him. Lupin never left his friends’ minds, and when they talked about him, they were always bringing back happy memories to share. The sad, werewolf-bitten child at the start of this essay, couldn’t have had a better life.


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