The Gift of the Gekkomat

Pleasing a friend is better than giving them a million dollars, because it pleases you too. I was ecstatic; my Gekkomat (which enables the user to climb up walls like a gekko) had just come in the mail! Technically speaking, it was mine, but I was going to give to my friend Alex for his birthday (which was tomorrow at his apartment complex). Although I wanted to try it out, I knew I had to be super careful. For a while, Alex had been wanting a Gekkomat, so I couldn’t accidentally mess this up.

Unfortunately, putting it together was harder than it looked. After hours of patience, work, and many cups of coffee, it was complete. I went out to the side of my house to test it out, but it didn’t start. Cursing, I ran back inside to see whether I had enough time to make an easy fix, but I didn’t, which made me even more frustrated. As I went to bed, I had a twisted stomach full of anxiety; what if I didn’t finish it? I’d shamefacedly come to his party without a gift and he’d be crestfallen, since I had hinted at getting the Gekkomat for him.

Despite my fatigue, I woke up early to work on the Gekkomat. It took even longer because I had to take it apart, find out what was wrong, and then put it back together correctly. Finally, it was done, but I only had a few minutes to the party! I didn’t wrap it, but instead strapped it on and ran to Alex’s place (I now appreciated that his apartment was on the 4th floor). Breathing heavily, I started up the wall (thankfully the Gekkomat worked!). When I got to his window, I laughed out loud at the look of mingled excitement and incredulity on Alex’s face. Giving a friend pleasure is the best gift of all!