The International Space Station has stood as a light to illuminate a bright and prosperous future. People are inspired and excited at the prospect of space travel, and this is only the beginning. Brilliant minds have worked for years, finally culminating in the humongous and intricate ISS. Two hundred twenty-one astronauts have made three hundred seventy-six spaceflights to the ISS. It has truly made an inspiring impact on the world.

Over the years, intelligent scientists and innovators have been the foundation for all inventions. The natural order has taken place countless times. The student becomes the master; the inspired become the inspirers. New, driven people are popping up all the time. Their wonders become dreams, dreams become projects, and projects become reality. If everyone approached life that way, they would be living in an unimaginable Tomorrowland.

The International Space Station spans to almost the size of an American football field. It is made up of modules that the astronauts travel through to get to experiments, their upright beds, and taking the gorgeous pictures of Earth. The ISS took fifteen years, more than one hundred fifteen space flights, and one hundred seventy-four space walks to construct. There have been about fifty-two expeditions to it; each containing three to six astronauts. Their work highly deserves a round of applause.

The International Space Station is one of the monuments that stands as a glorious presentation of human kind’s combination of technology and creativity. It is a symbol that impresses upon people the magnitude at which they can and have accomplished. Beyond that, it has provided information on the universe, what it is like to live in space, and how much time it takes to attach the Soyuz to the ISS. (It takes about six hours!) It continues to to inspire people to dream their highest and literally reach for the sky!

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