To the Minister

Picture this: Your parents aren’t protecting you. Your teacher isn’t educating you. Your life is in danger. Now think about it from the opposite perspective. Your children are unprotected. Your students cease to learn. Your people are in danger. If you had the power and could change the fate of those innocent lives, would you?

Recently, 10 different supporters of Voldemort, Death Eaters, escaped from Azkaban. Have you even noticed that your Dementors have abandoned you? Voldemort is back in play as well. Clearly, they are all reuniting, planning to take over the wizarding world along with the muggles. It is also plain that you didn’t notice because defenses haven’t been put up to protect the wizarding and muggle communities. Isn’t keeping us safe your number one priority?

How many more thirteen year olds do you need to pull you by the nose in order for you to take control? Peoples lives are in danger and you’re not doing anything! At the first ring of the warning bell you should be stepping up, going above and beyond, doing your job! I, along with many others, urge you to do your duty and take care of every man, woman and child that is in your care.

The best thing you can do right now is to get all of your Aurors and the rest of your protection squad and take care of your people. Now is a better time than anytime to have a call to action and get ready for the fight of your life. As the Minister for Magic, you should step out of your hidey-hole and make sure that innocent people are not harmed. Not only would the lives of your citizens be spared, but you would have the tremendously spectacular and wonderful feeling of helping people and doing an amazing thing.


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