What Would the World Be Like Without Friends?

It might seem strange, thinking of that now in our friendly world that something so small and forgettable can change our life so quick. “Hey Mom, can I go to the park with,…oh wait, there’s no more friends. Never mind.”
We treasure friends above many things even though we don’t normally see it that way. Some only appreciate them when they’re gone, others never do. In my life so far, I have been lucky to have some really awesome friends. It’s easier to have one or two great friends than to have a whole bunch of friends who don’t appreciate you as much as you’d like. T.V. and movies often represent a shallow friend as someone who takes advantage of a friend for their own personal gain.
Then some others are proximity friends. You get to know each other and have a great time. A few days later, you forget their name. “Oh Yeah! That person, who,…, uh.., remind me.” If it is someone you met at camp, you might exchange phone numbers, and there will be a time when you just want to hang out with them. You don’t often see them, but next time you go to camp you hope they’re there. Then, after awhile, that friend will fade away.
Finally, the friend everyone wants to have. Even if you’re not in the cool crowd, they will appreciate you for who you are. Understanding, thoughtful, and respectful, they will be supportive of your overall choices and help you out when things get tough. These friends can be long-distance, neighbors, even family. They also remind us constantly that we don’t want to live in a friendless world.


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