A Bittersweet Tail

In treats that mingle with dishonesty, guilt is often produced. Freckles the Cat was no doubt adorable, and adorableness comes with perks, which he got quite a lot. Whenever Freckles’ brother, who was Powder the Pompous Cat, got in trouble for hiding the Catnip or overturning the Milk Bowl, it would really be Freckles. Undoubtedly, Freckles was devilishly mischievous and adorable, but he lacked something very important:  honesty. Inside, he lied a lot. Knowing that it hadn’t gotten him into trouble (yet), he felt no reason to stop it.

Unexpectedly, on a beautiful summer’s day, when their mother, Kat, was having some friends over for tea, the baker had an accident and had to go to the CER – Cat Emergency Room. Baking was not anyone’s strong suit, so there was only one eclair that was produced, which was by the baker. Around the clock, the eclair was guarded. It caught Freckles eye. He couldn’t help himself, so when the guard took a break to go to the Litter Box, he stealthily nabbed it. While he was eating, the guilty feeling he so often got was intensified.

Kat was beside herself when she found out, and hastened to turn to the one who was blamed the most. She immediately accused Powder. When sugar is stolen, however, guilt is often digested with the treat. Hesitating slightly, Freckles guiltily stood up for Powder and told the truth. During the confession, Powder silently accepted Freckles’ unspoken apologies. Honestly, sugar can be just as much bitter as it is sweet.