Recently, I started the Ketogenic diet. It is full of fat and protein. I’ve stayed away from large amounts of carbs and sugar. Well, sort of. I have sugar occasionally, and carbs are in almost everything, so I sometimes consider myself on the Cheat-o diet. ☺

When I started, I kept thinking about all of the foods that I shouldn’t have. That is down the road of sadness, annoyance, and, eventually, the end of keto. Soon I started looking into keto food that would be tasty and fun to make. I thought about all of the food that I should have. And that is where things started getting fun. I’ve made so many delicious keto plates that are healthy and fulfilling!

If you are unsure about which diet to go on (no sugar, no gluten, vegan, etc…) then I am here to tell you that your troubles are over! Three words: go on Keto! This method has made me happier, more energized, and it is the quickest way that I have found to get thinner and healthier.

Good luck to you!