Archimedes: Then and Now

Archimedes was an ancient Greek mathematician who left a great legacy because of his achievements and contributions to math and physics. He stands as a symbol for many to learn from. The modern world still uses his inventions and methods to great success. He combined a genius for mathematics with a physical insight which produced the foundations of hydrostatics, statics, and the explanation of the principle of the lever. He was both of his time and ahead of his time, and will not be forgotten.

Archimedes was born in 287 BC and lived in Syracuse, Sicily for most of his life. He studied in the Library of Alexandria with other scholars. Some call him the greatest mathematician of all time or the “Godfather of Invention”. He contributed to geometry and anticipated the integral calculus, which is a certain branch of math. He died about 212 BC but has and will always stand out.

He achieved many great heights due to his love for learning and determination. Archimedes invented various designs such as the famous “Archimedes Screw” and the “Spiral of Archimedes”. He developed the “Law of the Lever”, which he said could be used to move the world. The innovations of Archimedes have astounded people since his time and still amaze people of the modern world.

Archimedes left many things behind when he died, most of which share his name. The “Archimedes Screw”, the “Law of the Lever”, and his different principles and methods. All have helped society build up in knowledge. Just like long ago, the inventions and intelligence of Archimedes boost peoples desire for learning and influence them to build with imagination.


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