Why People Should Exercise

Maintaining a human body successfully improves physical conditioning, emotional health, and gives back energy to other aspirations. People should exercise because it keeps their bodies and minds healthy. However, some people (also known as ‘couch potatoes’) are very lazy. Their excuse might be that they ‘don’t want to stress their (so-called) muscles’.

To keep yourself happy, strong, and moving, you need to exercise! It not only helps your beauty stature, but it keeps your body strong, which, in turn, persuades you to exercise in a different way. Your physical condition and maintaining it is very important to keeping yourself healthy. It inspires other healthy behaviors like food intake and sleep schedules.

Emotional health is also important because it influences how people see you and respond to you. Being in shape keeps happiness flowing and smiles broadening. When you exercise, endorphins are released and satisfaction and cheeriness arrives.

Exercising = good features = people like you more = you like yourself more

When energy is put into exercise, you get energy back into your body, which is turned into muscles. When you get that energy, you feel more motivated to do other things, which you put energy into. You get energy back, and are ready to do another activity, (such as sleep, which conserves your energy for a different activity) and the cycle continues. For example, after going on a bike ride, you arrive home with a feeling of fatigue. You then take a nap that feels spectacular. When you wake up, your energy meter is full and you set out to do something else. As a result, exercising promotes the increase in vigor.

Your physical stature changes when you exercise for a certain amount of time, and continues to change; for better, or for worse. Now, just because you are exercising a lot doesn’t mean you get to eat whatever you like. When sugar is consumed, followed by exercising, your body burns the sugar, not the flubber (don’t deny it). When healthy food is eaten, again, followed by a work out, the body burns the fat and build muscles. Whoo hoo! Losing weight!

To conclude, you are supposed to exercise every day to become healthy and strong. You are happy when you exercise which makes other people like you more.  Exercising changes who you are for the better. So get off that couch and get movin’!


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