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“Hey whats up”. “Nothin much wbu”. Nearly 1.73 billion people have accounts on Social Media in 2015. Possibly the three most popular sites are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Social Media can be nice and helpful for many reasons, but that doesn’t stop the scary things from happening.

Stranger Danger- there are some people on the internet who are creepy and want the worst for people. Ego Addicted- others get so preoccupied with their egos being boosted daily, that they constantly wonder, “Did anyone comment?” and, “I hope I get tons of likes today!”. This ‘all consuming’ thought process can ruin people’s lives and turn them into judgmental, ego-hungry, and self-centered monsters, like zombies, ravenous for praise and acknowledgment.

Now for the nice stuff: Social Media brings large groups of people together to communicate with each other. On Twitter, people can share ideas in short messages that are sent instantly. Tons gather online and post pictures on Instagram. However, Facebook is a combination of both Twitter and Instagram plus more! It helps people find old friends and family, connect with buddies they already know, and hook up with new friends.

Social Media can be creepy sometimes, and users have to be really careful about the stuff they post and to not become ego-hungry people. “Humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them.” -Albus Dumbledore. Still, nice things happen online as well: Social Media brings people from all around the world together to become friends. The lesson to be learned is, ‘People need to be careful with the things that give them comfort’ -Isabelle Meboe.


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