Starla’s Dream

The ties that bind us to the world break free when dreams arise.

Starla Pinkson was a witch of 13 years old, who lucidly dreamt of flying. Normally, young witches and warlocks persevered in different subjects, so dream skills weren’t attempted as often. Because Starla was an outgoing young girl, she liked persisting in unemployed fields, so that was what she did, and she flourished admirably. Out in the country, she lived with her mother, Sue, her father, Steven, her sister, Serena, and her pet mouse, Stewart. While Starla’s mother and sister were both witches, her father was a mortal, who nonetheless desired their mother and the two girls for their quick wit and charm (literally).

Flying in consciousness was a slight difficulty, because of the exhilaration and fear one experienced. Starla took flying lessons from her mother, and she became fascinated by the technique. Therefore, they often inflicted her dreams. After some minor accidents, which included Starla’s bed floating overtly towards the ceiling, Sue decisively charmed ropes to secure Starla’s bed to the floor. Thankfully, from dusk till dawn, the ropes would hold her down, but they strained on the floorboards and their creaking intensified with each night.

One evening, the ropes had reached their peak of stretching. Violently, with a swift FRWIPP! the ropes snapped, and this time, Starla’s bed rocketed toward the ceiling! Stewart the mouse was awoken from his lovely dream about cheese on a plate, and was bamboozled by what he saw. Above, Starla only awoke after her bed went through the ceiling, which acted as if it were transparent; when she felt the cool wind on her face. Glancing around in the air, her bed gently rising now, she relaxed and rested her head on her pillow, content with the circumstances, because she knew it was only a dream. She had visited these skies before, so she knew she was in complete control.

“For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own.”

– Albus Dumbledore